InWorldz Blogger Challenge 6

January 30, 2011

This time for the InWorldz Blogger Challenge, Whiskey has proposed that:

“Tell us about events you’ve started attending. What kinds of events pull you in? If you haven’t attended any yet, why the hell not? Go! Seek out a new event and go! Pictures, overall feel of the event, who was there and will you go back? Review an event (or five) and tell us all about it.”

Since I am an Aussie my time zone is often out of sink with many events but one sort of event I love is hunts. As I said in my last post I love hunts. I love being a host in them, and doing them.

So when the Australia Day hunt was announced I was over on Matahari Island quick smart.

There are 35 Koalas to find and some are in very tricky places. Most of the gifts are fun items with an Australian theme but my favourite find was this hair by Tanya Matahari of Matahari Style.

As  free hunt gift I was delighted with it as it is the sort of thing I would buy. The front is fairly simple but as you can see the back is generous and full.

The hunt runs a week or so. This weekend you might want to head over to this event with a couple of friends or on you own and find a few freebies, browse the stores and explore the region.

Credits to our designers

  • Hair by Tanya Matahari of Matahari Style.
  • Earings by Eolande Elvehjem of Eolande’s Jewelry
  • Jacket by Sunny Whitfield of Sun Made Fashions at Decades
  • Skin by Lorac Farella of Pulse
  • Eyes by Bellamy DeVille
  • Lashes by Raven Callisto of 7 Deadly prims
  • Scarf by me – Teal Etzel


  1. Congratulations on your First Blog, Teal. I for one will go find those Koala’s. Your next blog could be showing some of your fabulous Art Work – Please give everyone a taste of it! Hugs ;o)

  2. Wonderful scarf Teal!! is it for sale??

    Thanks for posting. 🙂 xoxo

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