InWorldz Photo contest 35,000 Izzies to be won

January 21, 2011

photo contest banner

The  first InWorldz Photo contest for 2011 with a prize pool of 35,000 Iz’s has been announced on the Inworldz forum.

The contest is open to all residents of InWorldz

When you enter your photos you are there by accepting that InWorldz may use your photos for marketing purposes.

The contest  is  judged by jury. All photos will be anonymous for the jury.

Five different Categories:

  1. Nature – Landscape
  2. Portrait – Avatars
  3. Art – Fun – Free form
  4. Relations – Imagination and interpretation
  5. Viewers choice ie the most public votes

The winners in each of the 5 different classes will win gift vouchers for 1000 Iz in each of 4 different shops + 1000 Iz in cash, a total of 5.000 Iz for each class winners.

Prizes have been donated by:
Anyraya Braveheart
Alinja Aquatics
Julia Hathor
Johnny Night

This will be fun!!!!


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