Work in Progress week 8

January 20, 2011

Once again I am a little late with my Work in Progress Wednesday report. I hope this wont be the trend for the year!
With my return to work at the end of annual leave this week has been a bit busy but remarkably I got quite a bit done.

The roof is on the Roman bath house …

The mill area is named the Old Mill Garden and Gallery and I have not as yet had time to hang my paintings but this week I did that too.

The ground floor is going to become a coffee shop and gallery area. So far as you can see some of my paintings are on the walls. Actually they are photoshop images that I work, but I call them paintings.

This is the second floor. The stairs and landing still needs banisters. I am terrible for leaving little things and jumping in to furnishing.

Finally after much stair climbing this is the top floor. The attic area may become a studio/office space. I am really not to sure yet.

I set myself the challenge to build as much as possible the objects needed for this region. I figured if I was going to be so self indulgent as to have a region I should at least set myself the challenge so building most things on it.   I have drawn on builders resources from sculpt suppliers and texture shops but so far that is it.

So the last things made this week are these sculpty trees. I quite like the twisty gnarled way they turned out!

As you can see I have had quite a productive week and I cant quite believe I have only had the region for not quite two months (the two months mark will fall on the 27th) . Still lots to do, and lots more plants to get out, sounds to create mood then I have to attend to outdoor seating and have stuff for people to do other than just wander about. Lots more stuff to add. Planing a garden maze next… but that wont be for a few weeks yet …


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