5th InWorldz Blogger Challenge

January 6, 2011

I am very late with this but this is Whiskey Day’s 5th InWorldz Blogger Challenge. This is the challenge

“Choose your favorite post of another InWorldz blogger and post a link at your blog. Then post 5 (or more) predictions for InWorldz. “

My favourite post is from Ele’ Little World covering a The InWorldz History. I am interested in the history and how an the online aspect of our culture, since it is virtual is often not documented. We have already lost a lot of internet history. This topic area, may look to some to be a passing interest but in 5- 10 – 20 years time I bet we will smile at an old screen shot discovered in an archive, of a world long since changed. Needless to say Ele’s take on InWorldz history was read with avid interest.

1. InWorldz will continue to grow. As I write the login screen states there are 27,464 users. Online there are 101 people and there is 760 regions.

2. InWorldz will develop its own culture separate from SL. With every group of people that cluster together online no matter is the cluster point is an online forum, email discussion group, or virtual world, a culture develops. The culture of a virtual world is more a mood, tone or manner of interaction that is valued by the community as a whole. Newbie blunders aside, I see long term members of Inworldz generally building a constructive community by acting an a constructive manner. If this continues the culture of InWorldz will differentiate itself as being very different for other grids and I think this is the year that will swing the culture one way or the other.
To be honest with this prediction timing is everything. If InWorldz grows too fast and is swamped with lets call it, bad community habits, before key influencers in the community can make an impression on the new folks, we will have a space that is no different from the rest.
If however the constructive practices are constantly affirmed, re-enforced, and praised by everyone in the community, this can act as an impulse towards making a better space. I don’t mean a Polly Anna approach to our interactions online, but recognizing we are dealing with people so a handle with care approach to online interactions is valued.

3. Someone, somewhere will start a web site that sells textures, sculpt maps etc at a reasonable price, with a licence that allows use across all grids. This may be just wishes, or am in mourning for the thousands of textures I have boxed up and left in my 4 year old inventory at second life. With grids of all sorts starting up, some will remain viable and some will fail. With each grid comes an inventory of stuff that represents time and money. Frankly I am already looking for texture sellers that are happy about multi grid use. I don’t think InWorldz will fail, but we don’t know how a metaverse of virtual worlds will develop. I don’t have the money to simply re-buy textures every time I move to another grid.  There should be a way to buy building resources that I can move legally, if need be.  In the meanwhile I shop carefully, am brushing up on making my own textures and learning how to sculpt but I would like this prediction to come true!

4. I think the fashion scene at Inworldz will grow. Although there are many established SL designers setting up shop at InWorldz there are equally as many fresh faces. Many budding designers looked at the daunting competition on the other grid and did not try to ply their wares. InWorldz gives these new designers the opportunity to create, sell and learn. This can only be good for virtual fashion. I am sure we will see many more new designers and a good percentage of those will succeed.

5. More hunts! I don’t have numbers on InWorldz hunts this year but I think there were 3-4. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking as I find hunts are great way to discover places and businesses. Since a beta world means search is doubtful I think more hunts will be run in order to promote new businesses.

That’s my 5 predictions! I will return at the end of the year and see what has happened.



  1. I think #2 has already begun 🙂 Let’s hope it continues in a very positive way. Great post! There’s some interesting milestones for any historian discussed in the forums here: http://inworldz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=44008#p44008

    It’s interesting to go back from time to time and read the comments and remember how exciting it was.

  2. Nice post ! indeed we do collect stuff to our inventory, having a SIM you need a good organised Inventory 🙂

  3. #3 is the game-changer for all of us. I’m currently exploring InWorldz for an article at Prim Perfect. It has a lovely community, from all I’ve seen.

    For an educator like me, however, it lacks hypergrid, which has been a major draw for my peers who are leaving SL. In time, as you note, some clever content creators will come up with a way to protect their IP and share content across grids. For now, efforts are those such as Abranimations, who has opened a satellite store in InWorldz.

    In time, an inter-grid market with IP protection will emerge for OpenSim worlds. When it does, someone will get wealthy.

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