Work in progress Wednesday Week 6

January 5, 2011

Is it really on 6 weeks since I purchased the Mille region on the new mainland? I checked the calendar and it is so but shook my head as it feels so much more.

Anyway after a busy a holiday period  with family and friends I am back here pottering about and building when I can.

Since people were starting to drop in, I decided to put the place in my picks and announce that folks are welcome if they dont mind the mess.

Sometimes you might encounter something like this.

It is really just me thinking. I guess you could describe it as thinking visually, as if you ever encounter something like this, I am trying to make a decision about what textures to use.

Eventually it turns into something like this. It’s summer in Australia and many people combine the Christmas/New Year period with their annual leave. So working down on the beach area felt natural.

The beach house still needs doors and is unfurnished but the building is done. I usually try and get all the main areas done before adding the extras and I have loads of plans.

I have been creating more plants and many are set to sell. All plants are copy but no trans and no mod. They are No mod because most are single prim sculpt plants and if people re-size them the textures go crazy. So I decided to make everything the same. Eventually I will be a bit more organized about it but at the moment if you see something you like, click on it as it might be for sale.

Anyway I wanted to let people know that they are welcome and I put up a sign to let people the place was still a work in progress. But honestly folks are welcome. If you want to see what I have been making pull up the map. Look for the new mainland and check out Mille.

Oh darn it how did that rooster get there!?!


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