Work in Progress Wednesday Week 2

December 8, 2010

It has been a very busy week. This poor little avatar has lumped bricks, mixed cement, worn out her gardening gloves, and worked really very hard on this build. I need new work boots, and more deodorant, you should see the state of my nails and my nose is sun burnt! After such a tale of woe I hope people still pop over for a visit. I promise I will not complain about my back and I will be a good hostess.

Let me show you what I have been doing.

As you can see from the beach area it is quite a visual sweep up to the old water mill.

This is the view from the side of the mill. There are some aspects of the building I am not happy with particularly the roof line. So that may change. The area needs to be softened with plants so I am moving forward at the moment probably to return to redo the roof.

The top waterfall is the source of the water that drives the mill. I should say did drive the water wheel as I visualize the Mill as being a restored historical building that has been converted and used as an art gallery, local coffee shop and garden center.

As you can see some nice vistas are starting to be developed. Lots of plants and trees are starting to soften the building.I plan a lot more in the way of vegetation.

Some nice walk ways and paths in the garden are also in development.

My friend the freebie Rooster (still without a name) points out the nice viewpoints to me particularly at sunset …

Even though he is the but of jokes provoked  by my silly sense of humor he does find some nice places to perch.

The rooster is by Gregg Legendary of Legendary Pets & Wildlife
Since SLURLs don’t yet work on this new grid if you search under a designers name (in this case Gregg Legendary) and go to either picks or classifieds you can teleport his shop.

Last week Deson of Denson’s Curiosity Shop started to document a build on Snake River of a Reception Center. Read his post and see what he is making.

Want to join me keeping a record of what you create?

Do you want to join me in documenting what you make InWorldz? It can be anything, clothing, buildings, avatars, furniture , hair, shoes, poses … anything made InWorldz.

If enough creators do it, people would in the end document the creation of a virtual world and catch a lot of history. What you made this week may seem trivial but it all accumulates into something larger than any individual.


Write about what you have made this week and then swing by here and leave a link to the post. Mention this blog to spread the word and tell other creators who write a blog about the suggestion.

Oh and by the way it is Wednesday in Australia  so I am not ahead of myself …



  1. Very cool indeed. A lot of what you’re doing is organic builds (the streams etc.) That’s an area where I bog down in. So for me the Reception Center is fast and fun for me and I feel more in my element.

  2. I must admit this next week I plan on ‘softening’ all those harsh (to me) areas on the buildings. Plans will do it but do spend my time trying to make things irregular!

  3. Thought I’d let you know. Just finished posting the 3rd part of My Reception Center build. Now it’s down to the tweaking and other builds on the property.

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