We have a bloggers group for InWorldz bloggers!

December 7, 2010

Well the news is I have started a bloggers group for people who blog about InWorldz. It goes under the highly original name of InWorldz bloggers. No doubt the group will grow and shape itself into something people enjoy and as that happens we can have events, get together etc. At the moment I am happy to see what people want from the group and let it develop naturally.
The charter reads

“InWorldz bloggers group aims to promote and showcase blogging about InWorldz and act as an area to exchange ideas, tips and techniques about blogging. It is for bloggers who write about InWorldz at least half of the time on their blogs.
The group promotes practices and habits that strengthen the community of InWorldz and InWorldz bloggers so no unnecessary drama please.”

Since search is not good at finding groups on this new grid (it is still in beta after all), if you search under my avatar name, Teal Etzel and in the groups area double click on InWorldz Bloggers, it will take you to the group to join. Or simply message me and I will happily send you an invite.



  1. Teal, thank you for doing this. LOVE THE CHARTER!!!

  2. Great idea! Thank you!

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