3rd InWorldz Blogger challenge

December 2, 2010

Whiskey Day of Whiskey Shots has announced the 3rd InWorldz blogger challenge

“Make it new. We all have our “spots” where we hang and feel happy inworld. Find a place you have never been in InWorldz, and go forth. Explore, snoop, and peek in the bedside table drawers. Doesn’t matter if it’s a shop or a sim or just a cool build that you stumble upon. Read the forums for ideas, or TP randomly on the map. Snap a picture or ten and show us what you found. And be sure to leave behind a nice thank you note and a half eaten donut so they’ll know you were there.  And if you meet a new person along the way, so much the better! Take pics of them too, when they aren’t looking.”

I cheated a little bit, as for an age I have been meaning to go and see Julia Hathor’s Creative Fantasy Home & Garden at Inworldz. I decided to use this challenge as a reason to visit and I am pleased I was provoked to so so as at the moment Creative Fantasy Home & Garden has a winter area that is decked out for the season.

The rest of the sim is just beautiful too.  I have decided that when I grow up I want to be like Julia Hathor. Her animals are so full of personality and character. You encounter them and simply smile.

I thought I would share some screenshots of Creative Fantasy the main sim where you can see her work.

Slurls dont yet work at InWorldz so to visit do a search for Julia Hathor as it is listed in her profile picks, teleport and you are an a magic land.



  1. Oooooh Teal! These are beautiful pics!

  2. We have to support this initiative of Whiskey, its the glue to our blogs 🙂 Indeed a wonderful place you went to see 🙂

  3. Teal, these are some of the best pics of Julia’s sim I’ve seen! nice job. And THANKS for starting the blogger’s group! oxoxo

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