I have a region!

November 28, 2010

I am like a kid a Christmas as I have a region at Inworldz!

As a personal record I took a screenshot then I decided it would be fun to blog my progress. That is my ave standing there imagining all the possibilities this place can have

I have always wanted to have a little more space to play with and the costs at InWorldz have allowed this.

For those who dont know the advantages of being here it is a mainland region at $60 a month. For that you get a prim count of 30,000. That is not a typo yes 30,000 prims to play with! All mainland regions are PG which I like, but some people think it is an issue and you do not have full estate controls. Terraforming is restricted to +/- 15m which is probably a good idea as I could make a hell of mess otherwise! Since InWorldz has free texture uploads too I have a stupid grin on my face.

What is the region name? Mille and it is part of the new mainland. I think I am one of the first to be here as I can’t see any others building yet.

I am not the greatest builder but at the bottom of an interesting learning curve. So stay tuned as I will share my adventures!



  1. YAY congrats!! Can’t wait to see it progress!! 🙂

  2. That’s a really good idea to document things as you go along. I like it. Most of the things that I build aren’t really big enough to document and what ones are (like the maze) are difficult to snap pictures of due to location (underwater).

    I wish you well.

  3. I found your blog today! Nice and congrats to your region!! Its so awesome to be able to have your own sim!

    looking forward to the progress =)

  4. Well, Congrats! You got me doing it now. Documenting a Build on Snake River of a Reception Center for the sim. Take care.

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