Inworldz beta grid load test.

November 24, 2010

A call went out on the forum at InWorldz that the tech folks wanted to load test their beta grid. They wanted to know how many how many avatars they could accommodate without sim performance ground to a halt. So  the community was asked to help out and drop in at a particular time.

I could not get to the first test as I live in Australia and time zones were against me but I did get to second in my lunch hour. I am on a Mac and was using Imprudence.

I logged in early and was a little puff cloud in the corner until being given a hair base which kicked me  back to a noob state.

Needless to say ask a bunch of creative to come and crash a sim and it becomes interesting and this huge revolving creation messmerised me a bit like fish in a fish tank do.

Smoke and steam spurted from various objects  within the cluster and I just kept watching it turn round and round ,in on itself, only to loop and revolve again.

How did the sim perform? I could still move around when we had 27 people on the sim. I was not even rubber banding! It was loads of fun to participate in, I learnt a little more about how things work.

Added later

This YouTube flick has just appeared in the forums. It gives you a sense of how mesmerizing the flying junk was!


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