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InWorldz is gaining more attention

October 11, 2010

There’s something about InWorldz is an excellent article about the development of the InWorldz Grid.  Maria Korolov gets the facts straight and interviews one of the founders Beth Reischl (aka Elenia Llewellyn) about their driving philosophy and ideas behind developing a virtual community.

Personally I enjoy this people orientated approach as it has produced a positive and constructive mood in the place. Sure, you have to have a pioneering spirit but its generally lots of fun particularly if you like making stuff!


Halloween Treasure Hunt

October 1, 2010

The InWorldz Halloween Treasure Hunt has just started. There are 32 stops along the way and you are looking for a largish treasure chest.

In each chest contains a gift and a landmark to the next location. There is a group to join “The Hunt Club” which since the organiser Stefanik Dagostino promises to have more is worth while joining.

The hunt starts at Coffee Shop, The New World Trade Center running from October 1 to the end of the month. Although hunts are fun for free prizes they are an excuse to venture to places you may not normally find time to visit or do not know about. Here are a few tourist pics I took while hunting.

Chase hauntings had me running.

Legendary creations tempted me to explore a little further

Lilly’s Island is decked out in a suitably spooky manner

So was the spooky cemetery.

I discovered a half buried truck but had to remind myself I was looking for  a treasure chest.

This waterfall and plants is my gift to InWorldz hunters. I hope people enjoy it.