First Hunt in InWorldz!

August 11, 2010

There is something fun about being involved with a newish world. Sure there are lots of glitches and the world is not quite so polished but that can make for a different type of shared experience that is fun. There is a fantastic community spirit and it is in that spirit that Stefanik Dagostino  owner of the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts in has organised the First Hunt in InWorldz!

I thought I would share some happy snaps taken while hunting.
I tried sneaking up on this guy to see if he was guarding a chest but he was just a lump of pixels.

Unlike the large grid wide hunts of Second Life this is a small hunt aims at introducing residents to new places and indirectly to each other as you can join “The Hunt Club” to share hints. Hints and tips are given via IM so as not to spoil the fun of others.

You are looking for a treasure chest which will give you a gift and  a landmark to the next stop.  (If you sort your inventory by date the next landmark will be the first one listed).

When I did the hunt some chests took a while to rez so if you are about to stop just be patient it’s there. At 26 stops in the hunt there is no need to hurry!

The Maze had me wandering around in circles …

I enjoyed the dockside galleries too.

Now I have done the hunt I will toddle off and unpack my goodies. The prizes are fun but I think I enjoyed exploring InWorldz a little more thanks to this hunt!

(Click the photos for larger versions)


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