Opportunity for Artists in a New Virtual World

May 25, 2010

I am moving in as I have work in a new gallery in a new world! Here is the back ground and the news

Stefanik Dagostino, known in Second Life as the owner and curator of S&S Gallery of Fine Arts is in the process of establishing a gallery in another virtual world called InWorldz

S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz is currently interested in new artists  so if you are interested in a other space to exhibit you will be interested in this news.

InWorldz is an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in 3D worlds who do not have deep pockets as texture uploads are free.

This means you can try things out and see if they work without having to dish out dollars. I can see free texture uploads as being a key attractor for all sorts of creative people.

Stefanik Dagostino has invested in a full sim and is in the process of building and looking for artists to showcase. Stef is approachable and helpful so you might want to investigate S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz.

As you can see spaces are generous.

Other artists that are also represented by  S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at  InWorldZ are Lala Lightfoo, Life Charron, Larkworthy Antfarm, Shoshisn Shilova, Fiona Leitner
Artists that are due to have work exhibited are Kirle Adamski, Trill Zapatero, Elin Egoyan

The gallery space is still under construction but as you can see there are already spaces that are attractive. It is worth a visit, check it out as it costs nothing but your time and you have loads to gain if you are a creator of any sort as it is a young world

Join and sign in at InWorldz and search for the gallery using the search tool. I used the search term “S&S Gallery” and  you can see S&S Gallery of Fine Arts at InWorldz.

(Sorry, the SLURLs given out by the map don’t work I guess you need a pioneering spirit in this world)



  1. STEF!!! goodluck in Inworldz…!!!

    and all of you => take a look there! we need you all to make it work and be a good competition to SL

  2. From one (relatively) new resident to another — welcome to Inworldz! You definitely need a pioneering spirit, but I think it’s worth it, and there is a good community over there.

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