Wanderstill at Ode

April 29, 2010

I had to dive into my landmarks folder as I was introducing a friend new to Second Life to some of my favourite places when I remembered that when I was  new, I relied on blogs to tell me where nice spots were.

So tonight I want to share some screenshots of place that anyone who is familiar with Second life will know but new folks may not.

Wanderstill at Ode is described as Immersive Art Experience but the thing I always remember about it is that the place is carpeted solidly in acres and acres of wildflowers that stand shoulder high. Colour irrupts all around you creating a very photogenic sim. Numerous machinima have been made that feature this build by Random Calliope

Dance balls are dotted about and there are loads of quiet corners to chat and admire the environment. The mood is romantic, but if you are not here on a date, who could not take pleasure in the environment?

SLURL: Visit Wanderstill


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