Two Fish

April 9, 2010

Two Fish, the Susa Bubble installation in Second life is one of those virtual landscapes you simply must visit. I hope some of my screen shots can convince you.

The surreal, slightly paranoid, mysterious quality of the build will live in your memory long after your visit. Of this, I am sure. This is the mark of a good piece of work and what art can give us in Second Life.

I have pondered the evocative narrative qualities of the work of Susa Bubble creator  Rose Borchovski before, but this was a reaction to still images in a gallery space.

The latest work, a landscape of interactive objects and haunting imagery will I am sure create an audience that responds deeply to the Susa Bubble puzzling story.

I know I joined the Two Fish group as I want to know more of this artists work.

The story so far from the note card

This is the Tale
Of Susa Bubble
Who went to bed single
And woke up double

Woke up as two
In her single bed.
Who are you? Who are you?’
She said, she said,

There was no holding on after that
Some were happy, others sad
They all came in the same tiny size
Had short little fingers
And blue round eyes

All of a sudden it stopped finally
And they ended up with thirty-three

It is A sweet but savage Story.
About how single Susa doubles up.
How she can’t handle to be out of balance,
and despite her best willing to be good,
Susa  does wrong  and tumbles down, and with her all the other Susas.

If my screenshots can not cox you to visit the installation  these videos I found on Youtube hopefully will

Two Videos have been made about this artists work.

Lost in counting had me quite mesmerized and touched me deeply.

SLURL to Two Fish

Larger versions of the images are available if you click on them.

I found this installation as a result of the  Art hunt  organised  by Stefanik Dagostino of S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

If you are interested in the hunt Here is the starting point


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