Breathless at the Builders Brewery

April 2, 2010

I break my silence here as there is a great egg hunt going on at the Builders Brewery.

There are 3 types of a “Giving Egg” with a gift inside a “Golden Egg” which is a one off special gift and the Money Egg is – you guessed it cold, hard Linden cash.

There are hundreds of eggs which are easily found. In fact I found it hard to take screen shot without giving away where eggs were.

I am puffing some what, running around collecting all these goodies. I am going to have to do an inventory sort out when I unpack  as I have found easily 150 eggs on the sim in one evening.

If you have not encountered the Builders Brewery yet they teach classes offer, textures, scripts, and are a source for Megaprims

So if you are at all interested in building it is simple join the group, they are warm and friendly and then go hunting!

Apart from that, Builders Brewery is a lovely sim to explore.

The hunt ends Sunday, April 4, Midnight SLT
OK, back to the hunt. I have taken my ‘break’ the inventory is bulging but not matter it’s Easter!

SLURL to Builders Brewery: Brewers of fine Prims

Oh and yes I am back blogging …


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