Burning Life

October 21, 2009

With over 400 camps and art works to visit over 34 regions, this years Burning Life has kept me a little busy. It’s a huge non commercial arts event

In amongst the creative chaos I took screenshots of some of the pieces that caught my eye.

The Eridu Society Airship outpost is described and set in a narrative context  “Earlier this year an off-world Eridu society outpost had been constructed on Dallier’s Hope, a meteor hurtling through space. While several communications had been received when the station was first completed, we have not heard from the team since June and fear the worst. When sky permissions permit the Eridu society expedition team uses a telescope to search the skies for their fellow members …. ”

Created by TriloByte Zanzibar co-owner and manager of BlakOpal Designs I liked the steambook pro laptops they are gifting to visitors

SLURL:Eridu Society Airship outpost

Out of the Box Not Allowed? by Cienega Soon you can read about on Cienega Soon’s blog

SLURL: Out of the Box Not Allowed?

The Burning Woman by AuraKyo Insoo is a bit grim as it is “Dedicated to all Children and Women who where battered and murdered. But Never Silenced.”

SLURL: The Burning Woman

The Camp directory is here and an interactive map lets you teleport to any camp.

Otherwise go to the Main Gate

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