Ephemeria : Where time means nothing

September 25, 2009

I have been out exploring again and discovered the work of Summer Wardhani, the talent behind Ephemeria.

The introduction note states:

“Welcome to Ephemeria travelers, Home of the Temporarium, A place where time has no meaning…

Once upon a time, two wanderers dreamt with an inspiring place, meant to explore all the unlimited technological and aesthetical boundaries of SL and to about intemporal beauty…”

This build is a surreal landscape of strange little installations that make you wonder if hidden in the build is a narrative to discover.

With the words “time has no meaning” sliding about my thoughts hints of time are constantly represented. Clocks, spring flowers, winter snow, a burial ground, and a shrouded figure all poke and prod at the concept.

That said this build is such a visual experience that I thought it is best to simply offer images.

If you enjoy these you might also like to see the Temporarium Flickr group

SLURL to Ephemeria


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