Anti inspection shields cause lag

September 18, 2009

Over on Atomic Valley Gabby Panacek has written a piece on Anti inspection shields which illustrates clearly how they cause lag. She states “We only measured client lag for this test, but look at the change! When I was wearing the shield Codie experienced a 90% drop in performance as measured by FPS. ”

I have always seen these as a silly nuisance but  a 90% drop in performance is huge. I have never quite understood why someone might use an anti-inspect shield, but apparently people want to ‘protect’ their personal style. Who cares what your avatar is wearing? Isn’t an aspect of fashion about creating a personal statement and being seen?

To understand the issue better check out the full article. It is well researched and well argued.

Also found via the comments is Jacek Antonelli’s article on How to Bypass an Anti-Inspect Shield shows you how these things are very silly indeed.


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