Steam hunt gem to be found at Builders Brewery

September 15, 2009

I was told, by a friend that the steam hunt was good so to be companionable to decided to hunt for a while. Before I knew it, not only was I thoroughly enjoying myself but I had done the hunt!

Rather that put together a post that covered a whole swathe of items, I thought I would draw attention to just one of fine stops along the way, Builders Brewery.

The gift from Builders Brewery is a two story “Steampunk Victorian Whimsy Cottage”.

The cottage has some nice elements which include round lens windows, a curved roof line, two fireplaces, a rounded skylight and a clock at the front of the house. All point towards steampunk but the aged metal and stone textures consolidate the mood and set the tone.

You can see a copy of the Cottage at the prefab area of builders brewery and of course you can hunt for the prize.

Check out the rest of Builders Brewery while you are there …

Do take a look around Builders Brewery as they offer some fine items, classes  and have a fantastic warm group. If you put a question to the group there is usually someone online able and willing to help. Builders Brewery also run classes, supply builders tools and in their freebie section you can find some really good glass textures, and free mega prims.

Starting point for the Steam hunt

If you want hunt hints along the way Hunt Locations regularly blog hints without giving away the whole game away, as the author does not give out direct LMs

SLURL to Builders Brewery


One comment

  1. Wow, how wonderful to find such a nice post like this! Thank you sooo much for the kind words about the Builders Brewery. It is always so heart warming and humbling to see.

    As for the cottage, this is another version of one we had made previously, one we wanted to redesign. So, when hearing about the STEAM hunt, we thought it would be a great opportunity to redesign it, providing it for the hunt. But sadly, it was not finished in time at the start, so we gave out other items instead. But here it is, FINALLY done. We were so happy we could set it out before the hunt was over! LOL
    Anyway, thanks again so very much for the incredible write-up. 🙂

    “Sen” Maximus
    Builders Brewery Owner

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