Exhibit at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

September 14, 2009

I wanted to share the news as I have another exhibition up at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art.

Described on their website as “… a museum dedicated to exhibiting, interpreting and collecting contemporary art from across second life galleries and  continually changing program of exhibitions …” I was very pleased to be invited!

When I first visited the Museum I was impressed by the building, for it is unusual, and my work sits well against the walls.

Also as I poked around a bit and joined their group. The Criss Museum  holds numerous interesting arts related events, from poetry readings to concerts and dances. You can track these on the events page on Criss Museum website. Recently for instance they ran a 9/11 Art competition

Exhibitions are ever changing so you never know what you will discover there and the Criss Museum runs an educational program which covers different topics weekly. So, it’s an interesting place to have my work represented.

Exhibition lasts until October 2nd so do pop along and see it and if you like their range of events consider joining the group.

SLURL to the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art

SLURL to the exhibition space that is currently home to my works


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