Primtings Museum

August 1, 2009

Primtings describes itself as a “museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings”

When I arrived I was not sure if this gallery had opened yet because in the address bar along the top it states “Primtings Museum- Early Preview”. I checked the Primting website but could not find any further information as it had no “about page” or FAQ. If the gallery is yet to open, Primtings looked a complete build to me, so I wandered around keeping in mind that it was possibly still being developed.

Often Second Life feels a little Escher like and I was delighted to discover MC Escher’s work Relativity represented. The 3D version is created by Solkide Auer who states:

“I’ve always loved Escher’s creations for the strong emotions I felt in admiring his works. Creating 3D Relativity in SL has been a way to thank him for the enthusiasm he injected into me. I’d like to dedicate my work to him, to his modernity and his ability of showing objects in a visionary way. He was surely aware that one day technology would be able to complete the work he created decades before. I created Relativity by using the simple elements of “build”, shaping every piece one by one without using any script. It can be defined as a handmade work.”

Wizard Gynoid created Stars. Your avatar can enter this 3d environment and once inside this space it feels very unsettling because you feel as if you are alone with the chameleons in empty black space. The motif of a chameleon and black space in a virtual world played a few mind games with me somewhat.

Each exhibit is set aside an image of the original art work and an information plaque.

I found these fascinating to read as they often assume the viewer knows the original context of the painting and understands its place in history. For instance instead of presenting a brief history of surrealism, Primtings focuses on the builders relationship and reaction to each piece. I found it very interesting to read what each builder took away from the experience of recreating these paintings in 3D.

Of course Salvidor Dali is represented. Persistence of Memory is recreated by Voodoo Shilton

Time Transfixed by Rene Magritte is recreated by Blue Tsuki who describes this image as a “pleasure to manifest”

Paul Klee’s The Twittering Machine was realised in 3D by Eshi Otawara who describes this piece as “Highly influential piece of work in my RL painting”

The Primtings Museum building is created by Ina Centau.

My only comment would be is that I would love more notecards to be inside each plaque. This feature may be planned, but I would also love more information about the museum, the project and individual art pieces.

SLURL: PrimTings Museum


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