Aussie government censorship will not effect Second Life

July 1, 2009

Rumors in world have been more active than usual since the Sydney Morning Herald published a story that said web Filters were to censor video games including online games like Second Life. When I read it I dismissed the story  as probably bad reporting.  I have developed a very synical view on how anything to do with the net is reported by mainstream media, let alone how virtual worlds are covered.

I am pleased I dismissed the story  as both Dusan Writer’s and New World Notes have published comments from a Linden Lab spokesperson who had looked into this issue which states that there is no indication from the Australian government that it plans to block Second Life.

Ever since the rumor started, I have not been inworld once, without people talking about it. My annoyance peaked last night in a well known clothing store,  I could not help but over hear inopen chat, how stupid Australian’s were for allowing a government to interfere with online games.

So ddear reader, this post is more about being able to store and point to a few links that covered the issue rather than grit my teeth behind the screen while the rumor spreads.


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