A tribute to the work of Neferia Abel

June 9, 2009

Many of the fashion bloggers are paying tribute to Neferia Abel the designer behind Ivalde who is closing her main store. However the news is not all bad as she will still have a presence on Retrology. Neferia Abel is a very talented designer and anyone who liked vintage fashions knows her designs.

I know most people are in a summer mood but I live in Australia and we are entering into winter.

One of my all time favourite Neferia Abel designs is this Leopard print Leona jacket. I don’t know how it has not worn at the cuff , got tatty at the hem and thin at the collar because I have simply flogged it to death since I won it – yes I won it- in a hunt. Neferia Abel is not only a good designer but a generous one too.

I just love the way this jacket moves and drapes and I have had some very happy times in it.

To get a greater sense of how much Neferia Abel’s work is appreciated read the posts by other bloggers who also value her talent and hope to see her back in SL when her life sorts itself and she has a good internet connection again.

Meanwhile visit Ivalde & L’Abel at Retrology

Other items I am wearing:
Trousers: Pink Outfiters
Boots: Biddle boots
Hair and Hat: Bossa Nova (no longer in world)
AO: TorridWear
Skin: Skin Within
Eye lashes: Lynnix’s lashes – Lutra Shopping District

The screenshots were taken at The Botanical Gardens


One comment

  1. Lovely Post Teal! 🙂
    ~ Ketsy

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