June 9, 2009

I know this screenshot does not look like major fashion event but it is. I am sure the fashion bloggers are going to well and truly cover Fashion Expo 2009 but I cannot help but mention the fun build.

Fashion Expo 2009  benefits Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

As you can see the sims are done in a Wizard of Oz theme and if you tire shopping (or run out of cash) are fun to explore.

Magic of Oz is a sponsor by providing the entire sim build.  This is the only time that these buildings have been used outside the  Magic of Oz Sim.

There is even a maze to play in.

I first encountered the Fashion Expo when I was new to Second Life. Since I was literally weeks old and I was a bit dazed that such fundraisers went on in world. Now I wander about the expo  wondering how I am going to keep within my stipend.*

Fortunately with all the hunts that are going on across the grid I have been saving my pennies. I have a feeling I will be broke within the week day hour

For anyone who is new to Second Life these Expo events are great. You can find everything from clothes, hair, jewelry,shoes, poses, shapes, skins, the lot!. All can be found and also there are lots of really good free goods to help new people in world and stretch the dollar for those of us who attempt to live economically.

The Fashion Expo is on until the 14th of June and remember it’s a fundraiser for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society.

Landmarks to all 4 sims are:
Sim 1 Platinum
Sim 2 Iridium
Sim 3 Rhodium
Sim 4 Palladium

*For those who  are not in Second life and happen to be reading this, when members sign on for a premium account they get a stipend of 300 $L a week. Once you convert it to real money that works out to just over a dollar week. Since an annual premium membership is $72.00 US to get back between $50- 60 of it in the form of a stipend. It’s not a bad deal.

Living within your stipend also helps keep to a budget. If you sign on for a free account you can buy $L but I found it quickly became play money and was easily spent. So now I pay for a membership and between selling the odd painting and my stipend I have fun for $6 US a month.  Apart from being interesting, SL is actually a very cheap form of entertainment- if you stick to the stipend!


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