Amarda Breakaway

June 1, 2009

Amarda Breakaway is a highly eccentric Armarda of boats that can only float on an SL sea.

In their landmark Amarda Breakaway is described as
“After a heavy storm unlike any Armada had seen for many a year one small section was torn off and found itself alone and lost at sea. Discovered and repaired by some travellers it is now beginning again and anew.”

Exploring it took some time as there are numerous nooks and crannies. Then I took some time out to relax in the bar.

But I did not stay too long as there are lots of gang planks and thin narrow walkways to traverse.

Credits to designers for what my avatar is wearing:

Jeans: Callie Cline jeans  (Currently there is a sale on and these can be purchased for 50 L$)
Sweater: DE Designs DE Tango Sweater Coat
Shirt: A Piece of Candy (part of a hunt prize)
Boots: Maitreya Bloom boots
Earrings: Flirt, Bloom stud earrings part of a hunt prize
Bangles: Darkmouse, Oriental Inspiration Bangles (a  hunt gift)
Hair: Exile Fast ball
Eyes : Miriel (free)
AO TorridWear : Overide set 2
Skin: Skin Within Kiara skin and shape
Eye lashes :Lutra L.S.D

ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  1571

SLURL to Amarda Breakaway


One comment

  1. Thanks for links to places where we can get free SL clothes-appreciate you popping by my blog. cheers Sarah

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