The Refuge and Expansion is going to close

May 30, 2009

The Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio is going to close on Sunday (new of this was discovered  via Second Arts)

I found this video filmed at AM Radio’s installations across secondlife which gives you a sense of the impact his work can have.

I decided to once again explore this evocative installation before it goes.

As with all AM Radio’s work this build feels like a mysterious cinematic set but with this installation the scale produces a different experience. To explore AM Radio’s installation you really need to walk the area. If you fly you move across the landscape too quickly and it spoils the mood.

In this build there is a greater emphasis on the sublime, and you are always encountering views on screen that hold picturesque qualities that you could argue falls into the  tradition of Romanticism.

As you walk this marvellous creation you notice the landscape is dotted with curious objects.

They sit in  a field, in a building or on a road.

You sense that the people who these object have just departed and as the interloper you can only hope to piece together a narrative sorts.

You always feel like an outsider looking in.

Themes such as vintage forms of transport, cars, planes etc old forms of communication such radio, antique scientific tools and archaic forms of recording information such as notebooks, appear through out the build.

As you can see during my visit I took plenty of screenshots and I thought I would share a few while I puzzle over the possible meaning of stacked chairs and notebooks.

Credits for what my avatar is wearing
Pants: Innovations
Cardigan: Pink Outfitters
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui
Bangles: Bonita’s Jewelry (dollarbie)
Earrings: Miriel
Hair: Zullay Designs: Free Gift
Eyes: Miriel (free eyes)
AO: TorridWear
Skin: Skin Within
Eye lashes: Lutra L.S.D

ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  928

SLURL The Refuge and Expansion by AM Radio


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