A visit to Miriel

May 29, 2009

A very brief post on her blog announced that Miriel is closing and the sim is going to be disposed of.

Miriel Enfield is a really good designer and I have always enjoyed the forest area around the boutique. Her shop  is stocked with reasonably priced but elegant jewelry. The range and quality of eyes, is good and it is a very welcoming place to new comers in Second Life because her freebies are so good. I still wear mine frequently.

While visiting the sim I decided to tackle the free puzzle game The Golden Cage. I don’t know why I didn’t do it before. It is a very intelligent hunt in which you have to solve a puzzle before moving on to the next prize.

As you move from prize to prize journal pages from a previous resident reveal a mystery which may or may not be a murder. The story line to the mystery is well constructed with even the odd red herring to lead you astray. I enjoyed piecing together the story of the disappearance of Charlotte West as much as the hunt and the prizes which I quickly adorned.

It is not an easy hunt and took me nearly 3 hours to find all 5 items but its nice to have a hunt in which you need to use your brains. The challenge was really very enjoyable and the scenery just lovely. I will be sad to see the sim go.


ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  1736

SLURL to Miriel


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