David Hockney ‘s mini iPhone masterpieces in Second Life

May 27, 2009

Settling down over my evening after dinner coffee I was browsing New World Notes when I read that David Hockney was using his iPhone to create mini master pieces. Apparently, according to this interview, Hockney likes to send images to his friends, so he paints pictures on his phone.

Kirsten Kiser of Arcspace is one of the lucky recipients of these iPhone works and they are now on view in Second Life at the Arcspace office.
I was fascinated by this idea and immediately went in world to take a look.

I am always intrigued as to how much presence virtual objects including paintings can have in world. Related to this is and how important the feeling of scale in relation to the avatar body is.

In proportion to an avatar these paintings are on an large modernist scale. The image is larger than your avatar body which makes them feel very powerful. Anything larger that the body will create an impact but a good painting will be more powerful.

Hockney first created these images while he held the phone in his hand and they were to be received while held in the hand and viewed. In other words they were created on a small intimate size. They relate to the physical body in a particular way.

I could not help but wonder what the sensation of these images would be if they were on the same scale as delivered. Not that the shift in scale does the imagery any injustice and I don’t want to infer that the large scale is a problem, I just sense viewing them would feel very different.

Anyway you can go and see what I mean as here is the SLURL to the Arcspace office


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