Exploring the Castle at Limerick

May 26, 2009

I have been on a visit to a castle that stands high on the hill overlooking the sea at Limerick Ireland. You can see why a castle was built there as it is in such a good position to defend.

Inside there is yarn to be spun and music to be made.

Credits to the designers for what my avatar is wearing while playing tourist.

Jeans: Style Starts Here – Burned jeans (currently discounted to 80L$)
Sweater: Style Starts Here– Huggable Crochet Sweater (currently discounted to 80L$)
Boots: Biddle boots (Sculptie boots)
Scarf: Called Vogart, found in a hunt unfortunately I don’t know where.
Bangles: Earthstones – Free gift when subscribing to their group
Earrings: Flirt (part of the Golden Pearls of Wisdom set)
Hair: ETD Eglantine (in the discounts section 100 L$)
Eyes: Sakurako -dark brown eyes 1 (free)
AO: TorridWear
Skin : Skin Within– Kiara skin and shape
Eye lashes: Lutra – Lynnix’s lashes  “Thick and Long”
ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  1055
SLURL Castle at Limerick

After that pleasant small trip, I just have to decide where I am going next?


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