A visit to Shengri La

May 23, 2009

I found Shengri La via a blog titled Shengri La Utopian Micronation. I stumbled across it in the process of my web browsing and decided to check it out.

This sim is an island archipelago of five islands which immediately even more beautiful if you set your preferences to sunset.

The island houses the Fashion Research Institute and is a Community Gateway which means it is an approved entry point to Second Life.

I had a lovely time exploring, investigating the light house, sailing and admiring the many lovely views to be found.

Shengri La is a very evocative build and I decided to create a new banner for this blog with the world set at sunset.

While doing this I was trying to apply some of the advice on how to take a better photograph after reading Vint Falken’s article Second Life Photography Tutorial: The Basics

What my avatar was wearing.

Jeans :  caLLie cLine
Cheongsam : A piece of Candy (a hunt prize)
Sash: Persona
Boots: Biddle boots (Sculptie boots I blogged about them here)
Earrings: Debutante in Victoriana (a hunt prize)
Bangles: Pretties by JB (a hunt prize)
Skin: Skin Within
Hair: ETD
Eye lashes: Lutra L.S.D

ARC (Avatar rendering cost)  762

SLURL: Shengri La


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