Biddle boots mystery solved

May 20, 2009

A little inventory tidying was going on last night and to my surprise I discovered a 250 L$ gift card to spend in Biddle boots.

When did I get that? How did that happen?

I scratched my head, puzzled, fidgeted in my chair  and immediately went searching for a possible notecard that might enlighten me. No luck. The mystery deepened, so I opened my chat log and searched for Biddle boots.

Then to my delight I read an IM I must have missed, and the mystery was solved. As I read that  the 250L$ gift card was sent out to all members of the Biddle boots Updates Group a huge silly grin crept across my face.

Biddle boots

Since I have been living on my stipend all year I had barely closed the chat log window before I teleported to the shop.

It took me all of 5 minutes to spend my windfall. I did show self control I swear. These Sculpty boots are priced at 400L$.  I added 150 L$ to the gift card and they were in my inventory before you could rez a prim. That’s right half my stipend but worth it I think.

I think they will be on my feet till they smell – which is  long time in a virtual world.

The rest of the evening was spent trying to take a screen shot of them. Lag aside it was fun and made my day after a tichy work day.

Anyway the Biddle boots Updates Group is really worth while joining and I guess I should clean out my inventory more often!

SLURL to Biddle boots



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