BlogHer 08 in Second Life

July 21, 2008

My weekend went topsy turvy as I attended BlogHer 08 in Second Life. Living in Australia means that conference sessions that start at 9 in the morning in SL are 2 at night here! That aside there was lots to chew over and think about which I am still doing to be honest.

One statistic that surprised me, given to us in the opening keynote, is that 19 % of the attendees of Blogher in the SF conference were thinking of starting a blog. They were not yet bloggers. My reaction to this bit of information was that these new bloggers were doing some very serious research and good networking before hitting the publish button on that first post. I am sure this considered approach will lead to success.

In Second life over the weekend there were problems with the video link but the final keynote was wonderfully clear. I found the technical problems a frustration (particularly at 3 in the morning my time) until I discovered the problem was with the upload band width provided by the hotel. Since there were many new people to second life it was easy to see they were blaming Sl and for once it was not the case. Once the video link was worked out it was great.

That said I am scouting around the net for summaries, reports, podcasts and videos of the sessions.

Aiji Ducatillon has been doing the same thing and weeding out the dross to produce an excellent round up of some of the sessions that are being summarized.


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