A virtual field of Wheat raises over $3,500 for charity

July 13, 2008

I am still milling about Second Life looking at the way people using this technology to raise money for charities.

The Far Away was created by AM Radio who at the time of writing has raised over $3,500 dollars by selling versions of the Wheat Field, with proceeds going to Heifer.org a charitable organisation which helps farmers in the developing world.

The Far Away or a place known simply as The Wheat Field seems to stretch into the distance, under huge open skies but it is in fact not an entire sim, but covers barely 1/10th of a sim.

With a view of farmhouses in the distance, wire fencing bounding a field full of tall dry grass, an abandoned locomotive, and a windmill transported me to the wheat fields of mid-western USA -or what I imagine them to be. Actually it transported me to the child hood memories of the wheat fields of Western Australia but no matter, not only is it a beautiful build worth a visit but while you are there, touch everything you never know what will happen.

The Far Away SLURL




  1. There’s a sim called West of Ireland that raises lindens for a charity called Project Children (which takes kids in violence-ridden Northern Ireland and sends them to the US for a summer) and so far they’ve brought in over 1.5 million Lindens. I don’t know what that translates into dollars but it can’t be small change. Things like this are great examples of the good that can come about in SL when people set their minds to it.

  2. […] Radio created the wheat field and this installation is another plot of land that evokes a mysterious cinematic set. Wandering […]

  3. Glad that you enjoyed the wheat fields in Dreamworld created by AM Radio. AM is a good artist and has very good building skills so his work is worth to visit inside the virtual world.

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