Second Life Historical Museum

July 12, 2008

Often when I am wandering about in second life doing something mundane like helping a friend choose some shoes or looking for a texture to cover my latest attempt at building and I see something imaginative, or someone says something perceptive that makes me step back a moment and see SL as something big. By big I mean a technology that could either develop into a 3D web or be a precursor to another technology that becomes a 3D web.

I am sure every resident has moments like these. Moments when you see the sheer fantastic possibility of Sl and because it is bigger than any individual life bigger than your self you quickly get swept away in wonder. Particularly with SL’s fifth birthday just passed there are moments when there is a sense of pixel by pixel the community is making a history.

I was in this mood when I encountered the Second Life Historical Museum which aims to to chronicle and preserve the history of Second Life. This display is well worth browsing as the notecards dispensed are interesting and informative.

It is good to poke about, but more importantly I found comfort in the idea that some residents are interested in documenting the development of this world.

That said probably the most useful and easily read resources are online in the form of wiki web pages. This timeline of second life provides a basic back story for anyone wanting to understand some of the history and a social history is also on the Second Life History wiki
Second Life Historical Museum SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Phobos/217/166/33


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