Mitch Kapor’s SL5B closing address

July 8, 2008

Mitch Kapor’s SL5B closing address MP3 and Video is on the Second Life blog. They are available download as an MP3 or as a video or you can simply watch it on the site.

The speech delivered on the last day of the SL5B celebrations introduces developments in the pipeline. Mitch Kapor announced an annual ten thousand dollar prize for achievement in Second life. This is positive news but it is really interesting to read the comments on the post as many residents make their complaints about such issues as stability, inventory loss, lack of communication and support.

I was left with a feeling that the drivers behind Second Life are aiming to improve SL for big business by “increasing emotional bandwidth”. When voice is not embraced across the grid, increasingly realistic avatars are not residents priority. Although it is claimed that voice is popular I think have used voice a hand full of times since it was introduced. Many residents cant use it or don’t want it.

Instead of feeling up beat and excited about the future of Second life I was left flat and somehow dismissed. No wonder some of the older residents are feel angry as early adopters where effectively told thanks for the pioneering days but times have changed. “We are not taking questions” as the departing sentence was a really bad PR move.

Dusan Writer has a good summary of the speech and comments there too are equally interesting.


One comment

  1. The announcement of interoperability this morning is the tactical follow-up, I think, to Mitch’s discussion of a more decentralized Grid. It, um, opens up all kinds of questions on how IP will be protected when they also establish the standards for moving content between openSim and Second Life. But it fulfills the Lab’s long-stated plans, reinforced by Mitch, to become a sort of central hub for identity, commerce and standards but to let content and hosting devolve to multiple grids, multiple hosts, etc.

    Mitch’s allusion to the early adopters needing to adapt was really his way of saying as well that the current culture will become dispersed and diffuse. I’ve seen myself little sub-communities within SL start to move to openSim. The longer-term implication for land pricing and a land-based economy are, in my opinion, staggering. How they handle that will be far more than an “adjustment” from an early adopter to a pragmatic platform – it will be a test of whether they can maintain any kind of user base as residents decamp for cheaper beach front property elsewhere.

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