Greenies are kooky fun

June 30, 2008

The last few nights I have been trying to visit the displays that are part of the SLB5 celebrations. Unfortunately it is just too laggy for me. I did however spot the greenie display so instead of fighting the lag there I decided to take a trip to the greenies home.

A trip to the Greenies house is a bit like a trip down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland.

My avatar was dwarfed inside what appeared to be a 50s apartment. Apart from scale everything looks fairly normal except it has been invaded by little green aliens – Greenies.

I decided that even though they were aliens you could make some judgments about them.

For instance they like the performing arts.

They have a fine appreciation for music.

They have a rich musical culture of their own.

However like humans some can be a bit vain and they worry unnecessarily about their appearance in second life.

Some Greenies are freedom loving.

Some are dreamers always chasing shadows

Some are a bit mean and cause trouble

For all that there are dangers in their life.

These kooky curious little aliens get themselves into all sorts of situations

They can make a mess.

This looks very precarious.

Greenies are fun loving …

…which can lead to problems.

… and sometimes the situation is quite dire!

Or even fatal.

Some greenies are naughty.

and others just like humans are naughtier.

Rezzable are responsible for creating these creatures. If you have not seen this build do so here is the SLURL to the Greenies home


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