NCI for new Residents

June 28, 2008

I have been musing over the results of a readers survey that Hamlet reported on over on New World Notes. Readers responses are collated together in In Your First Hour: What You Did, And Why You Stayed

“Why did you stay? These results are just as striking, for almost none of you mention the Lindens’ official orientation experience. Instead, the vast majority mention help from other Residents, while a significant percentage specifically mention Resident/3rd party sites that assisted them”

There are many resident run groups that aim to help new residents. I decided to take a look at them again and plan to cover others over the next few weeks as the mood strikes

As I said in this post about my own newbie experience when I was new and I found the official Second Life site confusing I turned to blogs for answers. Although I did learn much from reading the second life blogs they are fan sites, and as such, there was much assumed knowledge that I had to try and make sense of. Some blogs were worse than others but generally there was also many sites not spoken about because it was assumed everyone (except newbies) knew about them. Now this does not matter for many sites but when it is a site that is set up specifically to assist new residents it is a bit unfortunate. A key group is NCI or New Citizens Incorporated and I found out about them three weeks after I had first tried Second Life.

They were so helpful I decided to revisit them last night. New Citizens Incorporated is designed to make new residents welcome and has a team of people who help, teach, and assist new residents.

Each week NCI hosts activities and social gatherings such as Blitz Building contests and parties which are are events designed to make new residents welcome. Dotted around the space are information boards that contain information. Click on them and you are delivered notecards, landmarks and tutorials. There are also numerous freebies to collect. NCI is funded through donations, sponsored advertising, and by businesses that NCI conduct branded classes and events for.

NCI classes range from the very basic to the more advanced building. But you do not have to become a builder to enjoy Second Life. NCI also offer an introduction to SL class and many classes that enable you to consolidate skills such as using the Search Menu and Maps, or giving yourself an Avatar Makeover, and some good advice is dished out in their SL Consumer Skills class.

NCI operates a number of Second Life campuses including two in Caledon. On the Nova Civis Caledon site there is a good map display of how SL has changed over time.

NCI also has a blog which houses tips and tutorials as well as news about what is going on.
SLURLs to NCI Locations in world
NCI Kuula New Citizens incorporated

NCI Beach – Fishermans Cove

NCI South Hamnida

Nova Civis Caledon

Caledon Highlands Formerly Caledon Academy of Virtual

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