Thoughts on my first hour in World

June 23, 2008

Over on New World Notes Hamlet has broken down the results of an informal survey run on the blog. In Your First Hour: What You Did, And Why You Stayed Hamlet examines his readers responses to their first hour in Second Life®. As Hamlet admits this is a limited, non-scientific sample but it confirms a strong hunch.

Most people found the Lindens’ official orientation experience boring frustrating and difficult to understand. Since 90% of new users don’t survive the first hour this is serious for Linden Labs. If you read the comments here many people said that a positive influence was having access to information about second life before hand. Blogs, video tutorials and podcasts etc have a real role to play.

This had me thinking about my own reactions to the process. I know when I was new (nearly a year ago now) I logged out to go in search for more information online. The Official site was confusing so I pulled up one of Googles’ Topic-specific search engines a Google blog search and typed in “Second Life” and within an hour or so of reading had a sense of what awaited me on the other side of orientation island. I had a glimpse of what the community was on about, what its concerns were, how varied it was, how creative it was and how annoyed it got at Linden labs. So I was better prepared and even more curious when I went in world again.

When you look at Hamlets pie graphs the majority of people stayed because they met a resident or community group that helped them. Hamlet concluded that it is the “community not the company helps the community grow.” I think part of that community is, bloggers that write about their second life, as they give outsiders a glimpse into the world and sometimes make them curious enough to persist with Orientation island…

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