Pirated content removed in SL … not

June 19, 2008

For anyone who has wandered about Second Life® for more than a week or so you quickly encounter signage that states quite clearly that pirated copies of virtual objects is depriving designers of deserved income.

So I noticed this report in Reuters Second Life News stating that Linden Lab was deleting objects in response to DMCA complaints. Apparently they have been removing content from inventories and in world that has been pirated.

Linden Lab explains their policy here. I don’t quite know why they start off with an apology as they are doing the right thing. I assume some residents had material wrongly removed it is not clear.

Hopefully the report is correct and I hesitate to say it because it reveals I am an optimist but perhaps too Linden labs took notice of this protest?

Later: It appears (see comment below) that this is not so and Linden Lab were indeed apologising for doing the right thing!


One comment

  1. to quote the 1st line of the offical Linden Labs Blog

    “Linden Lab inadvertently disabled some inworld content this past weekend.”

    It was not a Massive Content Takedown as we all assumed, it was just 1 more example of Total INCOMPITENCE on the part of Linden Labs. I am willing to bet my pom poms that some Newbie Linden lost his job!

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