Hello world! Again…

June 14, 2008

My avatar tripped into Second Life®, like many others barely able to walk, bumping into walls, inept at navigating the world and above all shy but fascinated with what this Second Life had to offer. At the time I considered starting a separate blog to track my experiences in this fascinating world but demands RL kept me from doing so.

I am nearing my first birthday and have decided there is too much of interest in this virtual world not to at least attempt to track some of what goes on in my Second Life. So a reorientation in my blogging has taken place.

I have just imported all posts from the Second Life category from my other blog. I have decided to keep a separate blog on of my reactions and observations to this virtual space called Second Life. In world my name is Teal Etzel and here I will write under that name. My other blog is actually used to point students to links and resources online. I feel that some of my musings about Second Life does not sit there well hence the change.

Of course as soon as I opened this account I decided I needed a banner so I went in world to one of my favourite places – the the atmospheric gardens at Botanical at Stray Light to take some screen shots. No doubt the banner will change within a week but for them moment this one will be it.

It is a wonderful place in which to wander down dapple lit paths through forest, streams and swamps. As you venture deeper into Botanical at stray light with each twist and turn of the path there were delightful scenes and discoveries to made in this magical build. Tumbling waterfalls, wonderful prim trees lit by sun beams kept me once again entranced and marveling at the detail.

Kriss Lehmann is the creator of Botanical at stray light. The build is like a cross between a nature reserve/park and shop as you can purchase her beautifully modeled sculptie trees, textures and garden accessories.

It is a great place to take photos so check out the Postcards from straylight flickr group

SLURL Botanical at Stray Light



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