More Illustrator and Photoshop goodies

March 27, 2008

Keeping up with and understanding new features in software releases is always a bit of a challenge. For those who are using Flash and Illustrator hand in hand Understanding 9-Slice Scaling explains the new feature that has been added to Illustrator CS3 which allows you to control a Movie Clip symbol to scale in a particular way.

Drawing in Illustrator is the first part of a series on drawing (including using the pen tool) by Jeremy of Sack Lunch

Pretty Circles is a Illustrator tutorial which is aimed at those new to the program. This tutorial on Nora’s blog is ideal if you are new to Illustrator and want to understand transparency better.

Bittbox has written a new tutorial Illustrator 101: Faster Font Selection

In Inspiration: Assemblage, Montage, and Collage Sean Hodge of PSDTuts, has “assembled some resources together that will encourage you to combine and unify elements. Review traditional concepts, look at current work, and get inspired by digital masters. Learn powerful collage techniques and how to apply them in your designs.”


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  1. Thanks for linking to my article. I’ll be writing a Part III (even though I said Part II would be the final installment of the series) on my tutorial and it will go over brush stroke cleaning tips and using overlays in Illustrator. See you around!

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