Life the universe and everything at Thursday’s Fictions

October 13, 2007

I am sure anyone who has ventured into the virtual 3D world of Second Life has at least for a moment reflected on the big issues of life. Even if it is simply questions about who you are provoked by the experience of creating of an avatar.

Last night I took some time out to explore and reflect in the Thursday’s Fictions build, a surreal story of a woman who tries to cheat the cycle of reincarnation to get eternal life.

This is an art project about reincarnation, but as a story it has also reincarnated across a number of genres. It is a book, a film and now a virtual experience in Second Life.

The notecard says that

When you read a book, you imagine the world.
When you watch a film, you see and hear the world.
When you visit an online 3D immersive environment, you enter the world.
You feel what it’s like to be one of the characters, to be inside the story.
And you can share that experience with your friends.

Thursdays fictions is more than a simple ‘choose your own adventure’ however. As you explore the interactive you are provoked to ask yourself those big questions in life and to move forward in the world of Thursdays Fictions you must answer them. This build makes you think about what is important, what values you hold, and how you view the afterlife. It is a reflective and complex experience highlighted by the medium because of its very artificiality.

Thursday’s Fictions in Second Life is a collaboration by Australian filmmakers Dr Richard James Allen and Dr Karen Pearlman. Gary Hazlitt, noted Australian builder, created the presence in SL. The project is supported by the Literature Board of the Australia Council through its The Story of the Future project, the Australian Film Television and Radio School through LAMP, the ABC through its Innovation and Arts Departments, and The Project Factory.

On Flickr there is a Thursdays Fictions tag where images of the build and visitors have been posted and you can catch a bit of the mood by watching the YouTube machinima Thursdays Fictions Parable of Reincarnation .

The Thursdays Fictions website has more information about the project across all genres

To visit in world the Thursdays Fictions SLURL:


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