A grant of 20,000 dollars for artists in Second life

October 4, 2007

A while back I pointed out that the Australian Council for the Arts was offering an artistic residency and grant of up to $20,000 to collaborative artists to create a project in Second Life. The recipients were announced on their site earlier this month.

Visual artist Christopher Dodds, musician/3-D real-time artist Adam Nash and writer Justin Clemens will collaborate to develop an inter-disciplinary artwork in Second Life, which explores the possibilities of literary, music/sound art and real-time 3-D arts practices within the virtual world.

The artwork is a simultaneous installation in Second Life and in a real world gallery, where gallery visitors can be directly involved in its creation via a computer interface.

The installation, a metaphor for the Tower of Babel, uses voice recognition software that converts the spoken word of real and virtual world participants into 3-D letterform images in an evolving tower of words.

The letterforms generate relationships with each other through a combination of visual and sonic manifestations, fragments of narrative, environmental/user awareness capabilities and through interaction with existing data generated within Second Life itself such as the virtual winds, sunrises and sunsets.

It sounds like an interesting project!


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