Lauks Nest in Second Life

October 3, 2007

Recently this post in Second Arts prompted me to once again pay a visit to Lauks Nest. In the last week Linden Labs has announced that EU customers have to pay VAT. This means many art projects are under threat as they are no longer financially viable.

When I went in world I checked Luka Mensing’s profile, the owner of Lauks Nest and sure enough is up for sale.

Lauks Nest is one of those places in Second Life where you simply explore and enjoy it for the creative build it is.

Lauks Nest is a series of Mayan temple in ruins with textures from original Mayan sites.

There are twisting winding paths that run through the juggle, pyramids to explore, a tree house with drums you can play, you can feed the birds. As you wander about you encounter sculptures and art works placed through out the build.

Or you can simply relax in the gardens with friends and watch the sunset/sunrise.

I am sure many Second life Residents would feel the loss if it was to go and perhaps it is wise to pay a visit soon just in case it does!

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Alviso/163/154/64


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