Illustrator tips

September 23, 2007

I picked up my copy of the Adobe CS3 suite yesterday. I have been playing about and having fun. One of the first things I tested in Illustrator was the ability to extract swatches from artwork. It was fresh in my mind because I had just read Illustrator CS3: Extract Swatches from Selected Artwork from Bittbox.

It works and its great! Simply put if you select either a part or all of the artwork and then click “New Color Group” from the Swatches Palette Options, Illustrator will extract all of the colours in your selection, and they are added to your swatches.

I often see a range of colours in a photograph that would be fantastic to use in a textile design. So I first used live trace on a placed photograph and traced at “Color 16”. I then used the Bittbox tip to create a swatch palette from the artwork. Bingo I have my colour scheme for my next project!


One comment

  1. Hi sharron I really like your design technique it really picks up unexpected lovely colours in a photograph and is easily avaliable to me when i need it.thanks for the great design tip;) Rosana S ANU Student

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