Gardens at Stray Light

September 16, 2007

The other evening a small group of intrepid explorers ventured in the atmospheric gardens at Stray light. Aiji and iAlja both accompanied me down dapple lit paths through a forest. As we ventured deeper into Botanical at stray light with each twist and turn of the path there were delightful scenes and discoveries to made in this magical build. Tumbling waterfalls, wonderful prim trees lit by sun beams kept us all entranced and marveling at the detail.

From the ground textures to the trees, from the lighting to the waterfalls and scripted creatures everything has an intense level of detail.

Kriss Lehmann is the creator of Botanical at stray light. The build is like a cross between a nature reserve/park and shop as you can purchase her beautifully modeled sculptie trees, some textures and garden accessories. It is the long amble to the retail area that makes a visit worth while and there is also a freebie of environmental sounds to be collected.

For more images check out the Postcards from straylight flickr group

SLURL: Straylight. Sculpt, Straylight (197, 12, 37)


One comment

  1. Great photos Sharon! It was a real pleasure to explore this magical place with you 🙂

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