Second Life and larger stories

July 29, 2007

Aiji Ducatillon has published some comprehensive Conference notes from BlogHer07. Since many people were having trouble with sound levels his summary is useful until podcasts are made available.

Personally found the discussion about the news media in Second Life was the session my mind kept returning to throughout the day. Blogher editor Kim Pearson moderated a discussion between news reporters who reported from in world. The panel was made of SL News Network’s Cybergrrl Oh, Starr Sonic who is host of That S’Life and 57 Miles of Metaversed.com

I am new to this virtual world but if you see Second life, as a possible precursor to a 3D web you are immediately aware of this point in time. If you compare early web development and think in terms of Second Life being the equivalent of the early Mosaic browser how Second Life is reported by those in world as compared to the mainstream media becomes fascinating.

Anyone who has done any historical research will now what it is like to trawl through the newspapers of the day to see how an event was reported. As I was listening to discussion it occurred to me that these media reports from within second life will also become of historical interest. In the questions I had asked if the panelists saw themselves and capturing the early history of Second Life as it happened. Simply put some did, some didn’t. Some saw their role as important others saw it as very much a concern of the moment and that was it.

I was curious because so many documents associated with the early web simply do not exist any more. These daily reports bit by bit build up to form a history and they are part of the story of Second Life and perhaps part of a larger story yet to unfold. At the moment no one knows what the story is just as in the days of the early web no-one knew what the story would be.

All day my thoughts returned to how much of the activity in second life and other virtual worlds was being captured or not. There is the Second Life History Wiki but to my knowledge it is the only concerted effort to record the history of this particular virtual world. I would love to know it there are others.

Later:the Podcast of this session is now available from Metaversed


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