Blogher07 in Second Life

July 28, 2007

Last night primed on coffee I attended Blogher07 in Second Life. For all that there were some serious problems with sound at the start it was one of those evenings where you sit back and contemplate where this technology could go.

Since the time zones were working against me I caught the first session which was a panel discussion focussing on combining blogging and Second Life. The panellists Vint Falken , Queen Tureaud, TheDiva Rockin and Kos Farina creator of the second life blogHUD ranged over the topic teasng out some of the issues. The question of mixing ‘real’ life topics with second life topics made me reflect on what I was going to do with this blog.

I knew people kept separate blogs one for second life and the other for real life but since I see Second Life as another form of Social software – in other words not a game but a place to connect people that have common interests, I see no reason why the two areas of activity should be split. Some people like the freedom of remaining anonymous but personally since I am in there to see what artists, musicians, film makers, educators and other creative souls are doing I see no reason to not reveal who I am.

So far the experience of the conference has been fascinating and it’s been great to meet so many other bloggers! I will be in there again tonight listening to what people have to say.

For those who are time zone challenged like myself or if you simply can’t get there 57Miles will be podcasting the SL BlogHer Sessions Also the sessions can be found on SLCN.TV


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