A presentation by Brad Kligerman on ABC Island

July 13, 2007

Last night was a stimulating evening in Second Life as, the Australia Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), hosted an in-world forum with Paris-based artist and architect Brad Kligerman. The event was moderated by ABC’s Sunday Arts reporter/producer Fenella Kernebone

The event went off generally well. I always approach these ‘firsts’ knowing that since the technology is new the whole thing may just fall in a heap! Well I am pleased to say that as Brad presented his work and discussed his ideas the technology did not fail. (There were a few problems with some slides but that was it)

My problem was that my sound kept dropping in and out or was of such bad quality that I could barely make out what was being said. It was incredibly frustrating to be listening to some key concept to have the sound disappear on me! Brad, is an architect and teacher, who is one of the first artists in Second Life to complete an in-world 11-week residency with US-based Ars Virtua, where he questioned the concept of materiality in the rendered environment in other words the nature of residence, residency and representation. It was a frustratingly interesting talk. We were told a vodcast of the event will also be available on the ABC Sunday Arts website but I hope a transcript will be published somewhere soon!


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